Welcome to The Conundrum Journal!

The name is Andhyta Firselly Utami and—for efficiency reasons—people call me Afu. I’m @Afutami on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Ask.fm, and pretty much everything else. I also took http://afuta.me for the pun of it.

As per updating this page, I’m about to start my journey as a public policy student at one of the oldest universities in the world. Three years ago, I graduated bachelor of social science in International Relations and had taken part in creating impacts on forests, energy, and climate change issues with an environmental think tank since. Together with a crazy bunch of peeps, I also tried to promote the relevance of politics for the young minds through some sort of national movement which now metamorphed into a web-based platform, after giving birth to this youth-led organization beforehand.

Generally I would say that the blog contains premature hypotheses explaining not only how the world has been but also personal ideas and/or sentiments on what it should be. Throughout the pages, you will find amateur bits of propositions that try to make a point but never really did so. For that, please know that I mean no harm.

Oh and I’m very much into writing/replying emails (as a consolation to letters). That being said, send a long, narrative one to andhytafirselly@gmail.com when you feel like it.


One thought on “About

  1. Hi Afu,
    Found this blog after I googled your name. Got your name from your article “We Should All be a Minority, At Least Temporarily” on Magdalene, that I had clicked from my Facebook feed. I thought I should let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed reading that article and a couple of your blogs (“I-used-my-official-working-hours-to-read kind of enjoyment).
    I am Enny… an American citizen who will always be an Indonesian, who has lived in the US for over 13 years. I currently reside in Washington DC. Just like how you offered those readers who somehow find their way to Cambridge, I’d like to offer you the same, if you’re in town, let me show you some Indonesian hospitality “ala” Washington DC… or should it be some Washington DC hospitality “ala” Indonesian.. :)


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