A Plea for Fear

In the wake of #KamiTidakTakut hashtag and all the diverging sentiments toward it, I wondered why—and particularly when—did today's society begin to fear (v.) fear (n.). Somebody must've given fear a bad name, so much so that we decided to put him in the corner—as the emotion we shall all avoid, because it makes mankind small; it makes us a coward, unworthy member of civilization.… Continue reading A Plea for Fear


Because the Freedom to Think Is What Makes a Human Human

(More boringly known as: "A Personal Musing on Who Should Be Indonesia's Next President".) As the old car we rented passed by a local school in Putussibau yesterday, my mind wandered back to the time I was still an elementary student. Compared to how 'she' works today (yes, my brain is a female), I was a very different girl back then. For… Continue reading Because the Freedom to Think Is What Makes a Human Human

Democracy: The Story of a Spoiled Child

"Don't (write), unless being still would drive you to madness," says Charles Bukowski.Having been extensively exposed to our domestic politics lately—mostly through talks with Andika or works related to Parlemen Muda Indonesia—I couldn't help but to spend a significant amount of time revisiting my idealism of how a government should work, and consequently grows a strong… Continue reading Democracy: The Story of a Spoiled Child