Being Creepy Is Alright

Do you have something (an activity or subject) that really, really excites you even when you only ‘think’ of doing it without actually doing it?

I do.

People name it inter-language study, I name it ‘the beauty of language enigma’. The process of discovering uniqueness of expressions, grammatical structures or metaphors in a certain language and how they aren’t present in other languages is simply spellbinding. I’m addicted to traveling into different dimensions where each and every word has a history standing behind it, an (borrowing Thomas Kuhn’s term) ‘incommensurable’ frame of reference that has no comparable ally.

That isn’t what I want to point out in this post, though.

I happened to stumble upon a random ‘motivational’ TV program on which the (aged yet handsome) host talked about ‘finding your true passion’. A classic debate that previously didn’t matter to me. Tell you what, it apparently does.

Out of 10 people who read this post, only 3 of them know what their passion is. Worse, only 1 of them strives and works in accordance with this passion.

Now which one of them are you? The unfortunate 7 or the semi-fortunate 3? I hope that you’re the rare 10%.


You may also refer to this Venn diagram for a healthier career.

I consider myself as one of the big three. I mistook international relations as my major yet am lucky enough to have plenty opportunities to live my passion independently on the sidewalk. Am also grateful that the main road I’m taking is surprisingly very enjoyable. No regrets, no.

Now what does passion have to do with your life? How would ‘knowing passion’ benefit you?

Imagine a bike rider. Imagine him aimlessly pulling the pedal with no certainty of where he wants to go to. Or, at the very least, where he ‘should’ go to. He’s got the bike and energy to spend, but not a destination.

Imagine another bike rider who craves for going to the mountain. Imagine him, equipped with enough information of how to get there, preparing tools to efficiently accomplish his goal. He might not have everything that he requires at present, but the intention can drive him to get focused on what he wants to achieve.

See. Your passion may not be your (current) profession (always believe that there might be a turning point in the end of this road). Nor must it be something you’re really good at. But just to have it is like finding out a hidden, everlasting source of energy to feed your soul!

Some people overrate obsession and misunderstand it as passion. They pretend, or they assume that there is this certain adrenaline rush of exhileration when they actually don’t. You may take that as a positive mistake with many bright-sides, yet don’t forget that the shine is very likely to blind you in finding your true passion.

I hate when people misuse (if not abuse) the word ‘passion’ in rethorical sentences. To me passion does matter. When you talk passionately, your face becomes more radiant than ever. Passion has the magic to keep you awake for hours doing a single thing. Passion matters. It really does.

Passion may turn you into some creepy, ununderstandable geek. But that’s just alright. (Seven of you may not comprehend this notion at all, three would nod in doubt, and one last, luckiest one would close their browser tab smiling.)



  1. Gah. That last sentence, it hit me so hard. The question of passion has been frolicking in my head since I saw it somewhere. Don’t be too assured that the passion you’re currently holding upon is a fixed one though, because like water, it bounds to alter its direction (got this somewhere on a Stanford speech given by a freshman there). Did I just see you saying you mistook your major? Really? I thought you’re a scholar dedicating herself to perusing IR books?About creepiness..your right. Even Jason Mraz vouches for that:"There’s no shame in being crazy. Depending on how you take these.." (Jason Mraz, A Beautiful Mess). :P


  2. @Iman: Yes dear this was what we had while waiting for the train m/@Maam Nunk: Happy for you, Maam!@Gui: That’s the exact lyric I had in mind! And yes I do agree that the ‘passion’ you’re currently holding on to might just be ‘another obsession’ and things will always change. Uhm, and I used the word ‘mistook’ for I really wish I took inter-language study instead of international relations, yet I can assure you that I AM, for the present time, an overjoyed scholar ‘dedicating herself to perusing IR books’ :)


  3. Oh and quoting Diku: "Some people do the right thing, some others do things rightly." I guess many of us (that includes me) are very much the latter.


  4. Afu, I just realized something (after washing my face in a library’s toilet): can’t you just take a minor as a complement to your major? I don’t know much about Indonesian universities, but I know that most of them are modelled after unis at the States which recognize major-minor system. Even extreme ones, like majoring in Physics while taking a minor in Literature.Interlanguage studies, in a way, match up with IR. They’re like siblings, aren’t they? Lots of IR students often study languages too, I mean, like Spanish, French, and Chinese. Interlanguage studies, as far as I’m concerned, is a branch of linguistics taught in graduate studies (perhaps).You should be a bit relieved as the chasm between IR and Interlanguage studies isn’t that large. If there IS a minor-system in Indonesia, go get it girl!


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