The Thing about Brainy Guys

Half an hour ago, I tweeted a simple sentence–which has been one of the main principles I uphold in life—“Intelligence is sexy.” To my surprise, it got retweeted by at least 10 accounts, and this fact simply confirms that there are people who are not pretty enough and in need to create another justification to label themselves ‘sexy’! Sad, no? Kidding.
Second surprise: our mighty dictionary has actually reserved a spot for specific terminology on ‘one who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature”, namely sapiosexual. Basically, they are the kind of people to whom philosophical debate is more intriguing than physical dating. We might translate that as me, and any of you who nod while reading this post.
The sexiest part of a man is their brain.
The quote originally came from a fiction piece whose title I can’t recall. Let’s just focus on the essence of that premise. Some girls’ attention can be caught by expensive perfume or decent suit, but you can’t buy their heart with just outer appearance.
The King needs not to move a lot, but he has to possess certain aptitudes as well as the skill to lead. To think.
Such conclusion is very, very subjective–as there might be ladies who find less intelligent guys as cute–but the case goes like that to me and most girls with whom I’ve been discussing this with. Most of them agree that the definition of ‘brainy’ can vary in multitudinous ways, but the point is, to win her heart you have to beat her brain.

This condition may yield in two possibilities: a) smarter guys marry smart women and they’ll have genius kids, or b) smart guys prefer to take the easy way and marry someone less clever and have average kids. Bear in mind that ‘beauty’ and ‘cleverness’ are not mutually exclusive. Also, be aware that the sexiest part of a girl is not her brain. As a matter of fact it hardly is.

There is this hypothesis which stated that:

  • How girls rate guys: intelligence + humor + money + look
  • How guys rate girls: look (intelligence x humor)
This means that a woman who scores ‘0’ on look gains a total score of ‘0’. Girls who ranked high in ‘intelligence’ usually should be happy with admirers and not lovers. Oh. I should also add that a man’s intelligence must have the biggest coefficient compared to the other variables.
The problem mostly rises because men with brain are usually heartless i.e. lousy in emotional expressions. Let’s take a look on Dr Watson’s quoted remarks on one of the brainiest guys I’ve ever known, Sherlock Holmes:
It was not that he felt any emotion akin to love for Irene Adler. All emotions, and that one particularly, were abhorrent to his cold, precise, but admirably balanced mind. He was, I take it, the most perfect reasoning and observing machine that the world as seen: but as a lover, he would have placed himself in a false position.
You see, all the aforementioned statements stand to my disadvantage. I highly tend to fall for guys with brain who hardly admits when they have a crush on a certain woman, and I scored higher on brain compared to beauty–which is not very strategic. This is just a random rambling, don’t take anything too seriously.
Have a great night!

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