Going to the Moon

If Bruno talks to the moon, I’d like to share the story on one of my lifetime dreams–to actually go to the moon.


Despite the sentiment and public scrutiny upon the truth behind the early Apollo missions (or any other discoveries that NASA made), I myself always wanted to land my feet on the moon–as well as other steps that I would have to undergo beforehand. I’ve been rewinding the following scenes over and over in my head:

“Departing in three, two, one…”
With my heart pounding real hard, I was in the space shuttle which will soon leave Earth and penetrate the atmosphere. There were people flooding in the open field where my ship was taking off. As soon as we reached the ‘space’, I could feel myself weightless and drifted on the air. What I knew next was the moon which used to be so small and far apparently got bigger and hundred times more beautiful. And just in less than another 30 minutes…there we were. On the moon. The ship’s special door opened. I stepped off and let myself be amazed by what God has created.

Absolute silence that followed…the dim light that came from the sun, blocked by our planet…Earth…looking just as gorgeous as it always was–the way those pictures in library’s heavy books showed.

As a matter of fact, I have (literally) dreamed about going to the space–with a real ship–once. Four years ago, I was also blessed to be able to go to Johnson’s Space Center in Houston where I took the NASA behind-the-scene tour, witnessed the Astronaut Gallery as well as other stupefying exhibits. Both were astonishing experiences I’d indeed love to relive. Let’s just hope that one day those NASA guys finally create a public spacestation where everyone can get to. 

To close this full-of-imagination post, I apologize for my poor vocabularies on space businesses (I don’t even understand the difference between shuttle or ship) as well as adjectives to show wonder. Have a great Sunday!

In my mind, the men and women of NASA are history’s modern pioneers. They attempt the impossible, accept failure, and then go back to the drawing board while the rest of us stand back and criticize. –Zach Herney in Deception Point


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  1. It is one of my dreams too and also, I’d like to see the far side of the Moon with my own eyes. (Going to the moon would be even better!)Kind of out of topic, but, this post makes me think about what did Yuri Gagarin feel when he entered the outer space as he was the first human to do it… it was like going into the unknown. People like those in NASA apparently don’t have the word "impossible" in their dictionary. (:


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