Separation Blues

Being the first kid in the family, I had been used to being the one who left. The one who is being dropped off, sent off, or called in from miles away. My first departure from home took place way back when I was barely 14—it was my first night at the boarding school. I cried myself… Continue reading Separation Blues


On Marrying Your Black Swan

[Captured by Ben Laksana, July 23rd, 2016.] Nobody thought I would've tied the knot at age 24—yours truly didn't either. It seemed too early, rather rushed, and surprising. But as Nassim Taleb points out in The Black Swan, regardless how much we'd like to suppress it, unlikely events take place all the time and almost always, they are the ones that yield in massive… Continue reading On Marrying Your Black Swan

Not Displaced, Just A Nomad

[Photographed by Wikan Anantabrata, April 2016.] The first time  Unmasked Open Mic invited me to take their stage as a reader, they asked if I could provide a short bio. Part-nervous and part-attention-seeking, I was determined to point out that using words to express feelings—or embracing emotions at all—isn't exactly what I get to practice on a daily basis, just so the audience… Continue reading Not Displaced, Just A Nomad