Not Displaced, Just A Nomad

[Photographed by Wikan Anantabrata, April 2016.] The first time  Unmasked Open Mic invited me to take their stage as a reader, they asked if I could provide a short bio. Part-nervous and part-attention-seeking, I was determined to point out that using words to express feelings—or embracing emotions at all—isn't exactly what I get to practice on a daily basis, just so the audience… Continue reading Not Displaced, Just A Nomad


A Plea for Fear

In the wake of #KamiTidakTakut hashtag and all the diverging sentiments toward it, I wondered why—and particularly when—did today's society begin to fear (v.) fear (n.). Somebody must've given fear a bad name, so much so that we decided to put him in the corner—as the emotion we shall all avoid, because it makes mankind small; it makes us a coward, unworthy member of civilization.… Continue reading A Plea for Fear