Roosevelt and Meyer Might Have Shared the Same Childhood

By ‘Roosevelt’ I mean the great president of United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt and by ‘Meyer’ I refer to that lady who wrote Twilight Saga, Stephenie Meyer. Let me commence a series of tweets I posted yesterday:


  1. Today over a lunch, @aswinprasetyo enlightened me on Roosevelt’s Second Bill of Rights which was exactly what I’ve been suggesting to @rizkiyuniarini:
  2. Instead of giving the ‘right to create, freedom of speech, etc.’ under the spirit of liberalist capitalism, the government needs to take the responsibility…
  3. …to let their people have the ‘right to employment with a living wage, freedom from unfair competition and monopolies, housing, medical care, education, and social security.’ In other words, it echoes the spirit of socialism.
  4. Kiki believes that socialism isn’t the answer for you’ll only turn people counter-productive and ‘not happy at all’. But then…
  5. One thing liberalism doesn’t realize is that not everyone stands on the same starting line and thus has limited access to sources of wealth.
  6. Seeing the ‘Bapak-Tukang-Bakpau-Yang-Jam-9-Dagangannya-Masih-Sisa’ or ‘Adek-Jam-7-Koran-Masih-Segepok’, I’d rather be unhappy in unison :(
  7. If Roosevelt was still alive by now, I would definitely be his Second Bill of Rights’ biggest supporter. Change should start from the U.S.
  8. I’m not a fan of Stephenie Meyer’s, but ‘The Host really has an interesting concept of a ‘mature society’. A utopianic idea, really.
  9. 1) Get the concept of ‘money’ and ‘wealth’ completely erased from the society. 2) Let everyone take a job they please and produce goods.
  10. 3) Now that everyone’s assigned to a certain role, take things you need and leave those you don’t. 4) Voila, peaceful equality for everyone.
  11. Still hard to imagine? Visualize yourself getting into a store after 8 normal hours of work and take a roll of tissue, don’t pay, get home.
  12. Why can’t people stop being so pretentiously obsessed with money and wealth? Why do we create gaps we don’t want?
  13. And yet here I am, one powerless girl giving up to what the society offers me. Guess I’m no Karl Marx or Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Will be beyond glad to have this discussed with you over a glass of blended green tea with cream. Until then, have a great day.


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  1. I think there are also other people who have a dream of getting money and wealth completely erased from society, although it’s going to be a long journey though :D (just read the book titled Moneyless Man, and found your blog too)


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