People Talk About Themselves on Twitter

so what?

Homo sapiens is the most self-centered creature living on Earth. We’ve witnessed with our eyes how there are killings ordered for the sake of own-survival. We’ve also seen ‘ibu-ibu hamil tak berdosa’ on the train forced to stand up because there’s no single man who would give up his seat for the mere sake of helping these women.

Twitter, my friend, is just another form to manifest the self-centered nature of ours.


Some accounts are indeed designed to be jocular or informative, but most–I can’t give you the statistics, though–are private accounts which tweet about their activities on a daily basis. (This includes my own and am not to be ashamed of.)

Let me show you the problem to this notion: yes, we do seek for attention even before Twitter was there, but it doubles–sometimes triples our pretentious behavior. These sentences will never make any point when spoken, but somehow acceptable when found on your timeline:

  • Pagi ini aku mau beres-beres kamar! Yak!” (Oh yes honey I wish you luck on that, but isn’t it a habit everyone else commits?)
  • “Gue orangnya suka ngomong sama diri sendiri.” (Seeing what you usually tweet, you obviously are.)
  • “Makan siang ah…” (Whoa, is your lunch a kind of news that everyone needs to listen to?)

Again, so what? In the end the liberty to follow or not-follow these accounts are up to you. People might end up following each other just to read updates from your very-very-important regular schedules because they want to catch up with you.

Since I’m willing to make every post on this blog, at least, a bit useful for everyone, kindly absorb the following imperative to your mind: before you tweet anything, bear in mind that it’s gonna be nicer if there’s at least someone benefitting from what you share–be it a crispy noon laugh, or an opportunity to go abroad.



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