Getting interrupted with, “Afutami, ya?” by a stranger when sitting alone in a coffee shop is one of the reasons why I (try to) keep writing. One time a barista treated me a cup of hot green tea latte simply because he happened to ‘enjoyed my blog’.

Not that this matters but somewhat being recognized by what I write—as opposed to what I did—feels much more special; maybe because there’s been some sort of a pre-built mind tunnel—though one-way until later established—that allows the two of you to connect intimately, albeit only in that several minutes of interaction.


This page is dedicated to be virtual chairs for two where we get to interact. Share your questions/thoughts to yours truly because I’d love to chat or two.


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  1. whenever I scroll down through the writings on the blog and read along, my mind goes “OMG! so true” or “Gosh! I’ve never thought about this” or “This is just simply BRILLIANT” :D


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