Separation Blues

Being the first kid in the family, I had been used to being the one who left. The one who is being dropped off, sent off, or called in from miles away. My first departure from home took place way back when I was barely 14—it was my first night at the boarding school. I cried myself… Continue reading Separation Blues


Lost at Sea (Where They Will Never Find Us—But We Will)

I was eating my chocolate pudding while reading Seperti Dendam, Rindu Harus Dibayar Tuntas when Lawa nudged me to look outside the airplane window and there it was: the beautiful Kapuas River, flirting beneath us through the forests on her sides, reaching out to the horizon marked by tall mountains in a distance. You might think that I'm being ludicrous, but… Continue reading Lost at Sea (Where They Will Never Find Us—But We Will)